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0% xchanger
0% bitcoin2invest
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Top 10 Monitored:
xchanger 3149 days
dollarbill 1975 days
funds-broker 1930 days
citybuildtrade 1544 days
rhythm-and-profit 1538 days
toptradecapital 1538 days
cyber-bank 1538 days
unchartedwealth 1522 days
luxioprofit 1060 days
zetbull 1043 days

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Jun 26th, 2022
trustcryptoinvest WAITING
0.30% DAILY FOR 650 DAYS 3.00% DAILY FOR 150 DAYS 7.00% DAILY FOR 80 DAYS
bithourfunds WAITING
Primary 1.12% - 1.25% Standard 4% - 9% Premium 10% - 19%
bitcryptodeposit WAITING
5% hourly for 70 hours, 12.5% hourly for 48 hours, 45% hourly for 20 hours, 3000% -90000% after 1 hour
ford-barton WAITING
10% - 11% - 13% - 15% - 20% daily forever
elitecoinblast WAITING
6% daily for 50 days; 25% for 8 days; 120% after 1 day; 220% after 3 days; 300% after 5 days; 800% after 6 days
Jun 19th, 2022
Easypaying WAITING
40% Hourly For 3 Hours, 50% Hourly For 4 Hours, 60% Hourly For 5 Hours, 70% Hourly For 6 Hours

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